JONES farm home auto is an independently owned and operated “country-mini-megastore.”

What is a country-mini-megastore?

Russ loves his auto parts and tools, but hearing his customers’ expanding requests over the years, he knew he needed to add hardware in order to meet their needs.  Julie loves Russ, but she saw his beloved auto parts store as a cluttered and disorganized mess.  Realizing that there was value in both perspectives, the couple spent years planning their new store.  Russ shook his head as Julie played with rusty metal and black iron.  He resisted her pot-belly stove ideas, insisting instead on a modern hvac system with solar panels.  Julie bit her tongue as the size of the building grew and grew.  She did, however, appreciate the opportunity to design and redesign a big front entrance and unique aisle layout.  Julie’s vision of a quaint little country store, coupled with Russ’ insight into the massive inventory demands, resulted in a their version of a country-mini-megastore.

To the locals, it’s the Millersburg Mall … Just a step away from home